Battlelion [seeking Management] (more info)
  • Label: independent
  • Label Type: unsigned
  • About:
    Although Battlelion is a newly formed band, the group has been more than battle-tested. The band has traveled almost every weekend for the past eight months either to a performance within a six hour drive or a recording session with engineers from the likes of Ben Kasica of Skillet (Atlantic/INO/Ardent Records)and Josh Silverberg of Edison Glass (Credential Records). Their latest single "Tempter" has received a good deal of attention from fans which has led to streaming and radio airplay. The opportunity to minister has driven this band to succeed despite being faced with obstacles that would defeat many groups. Battlelion has traveled along side musical equipment to the majority of their performances in one vehicle to conserve on energy costs. This would be a normal task, except that the vehicle is a mid-sized sedan. :) The Lord recently blessed the group with a full size van. Still, like many bands before them, they've faced situations when the van broke down five times within a two week span. After 7 belts and 1 transmission later, the group has continued to take the opportunity to minister wherever they are called. And their humble Kentucky-upbringin' has helped them build friendships and fans all over the Southeast region.

    Their willingness to serve has allowed them to perform in churches, coffee houses, living rooms, and festivals. The group has demostrated much versatility in that they are not limited to one style of music. There are not many groups that can play acoustic praise and worship at a church service on Wednesday and then a rock set at a metal concert on Friday. This exploration of musical styles can be heard in all of their songs as each one truly sounds different. To achieve that goal even more convincingly, they hired a different engineer to produce each one of their songs for their upcoming album. If Battlelion's music was summed up in one word it would have to be: Diversity. This offers an audience choice and hopefully exposes them to new forms of music all the while keeping things fresh in their ears.

    Although much emphasis is placed on the music itself, the groups heart is focused on ministry. And that can be best understood from their own words.

    "We are simply just four people that love Jesus! When we perform we just want to get that message across to people. We didn't form this band to place judgement on others. We didn't form this band to spread the message that people need to get themselves to church every Sunday within run-down schedules and routines. We didn't form this band so that we might sound like we are placed on a pedestal. We didn't form this band to get time on stage, have a certain look, or get famous. We formed this band to tell people about Christ. We are four sinners saved by the grace of God. We minister because we are instructed by God to do so. We're not perfect. So some may question, how can they minister to others? And we answer that with knowledge from the living word; the Bible. As God has instructed us, we will continue in our ministry; we will make a glorious noise; we will strive to be like him; we will spread his message; we will fellowship with others; we will seek the lost; and we will love our brothers. So with that said, anyone who takes the time to read this knows a little more now about where we're coming from. " -Battlelion
  • Members:
    Natasha Milner - vocals
    Andy Milner - drums
    Brandon Williams - guitar
    Elizabeth Kinman - dj/keys
  • Influences: Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence
  • Sounds Like: Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence
  • Member Since: 2010-02-20